Ok, Im interested. Check this out. I dont know how this girl has slipped by my radar so far. Forgive me- I just learned about this gal and am a little fuzzy on the details but she is in a load of shit for sure.

Angela Jane Johnson of Iowa. I havent found out her original charges yet but apparently the fun started after she was put on death row. I do know that her boyfriend was a big time drug dealer and she went down in the bust. But after she went to jail she told a jail house informant (unknowingly) that she had been part in the murder of several government witnesses agianst her boyfriend.

From an article:

An informant becomes a government agent only after receiving police instructions, the 8th Circuit Court of appeals ruled.
The appellate panel reversed a trial court decision that a Benton County, Iowa, jail detainee was an agent of the government when he elicited information about five murders from an inmate indicted in connection with homicides of prosecution witnesses.
In the instant case, police arrested Angela Jane Johnson on charges related to the murders of three prosecution witnesses and the relative of a witness.
During her incarceration, Johnson told another inmate of her involvement in the homicides of the government witnesses. The victims were scheduled to be witnesses in the drugtrafficking prosecution of Johnson's boyfriend.

The inmate, who was a habitual police informant, notified authorities about the facts he had learned. Detectives assigned to the case ordered the jail to relocate Johnson away from the inmate and ordered the inmate to avoid any further contacts. But Johnson used means to continue her communication with the inmate.
Four days after the inmate reported what he had learned, Police identified the inmate as an informant and authorized him to confirm the information.
Johnson contended the inmate was a government informant from the beginning and, as such, any information he obtained from her without a warrant was a constitutional violation of the 6th Amendment right to an attorney.


And this straight from her last appeal:

This is our second decision regarding Angela Johnson. The controversy comes
from the same basic facts as the first. The United States placed Robert McNeese, an
experienced jailhouse informant, in the same jail facility where Ms. Johnson was
residing. Defendant was awaiting trial for aiding and abetting the murder of several
individuals who were scheduled to be witnesses in another trial. Mr. McNeese was
able to elicit information from Ms. Johnson concerning the killings of the would-be
witnesses. The government seeks to introduce that information into evidence at Ms.
Johnson's trial.

Ive played hell finding her address but I think she is in Texas federal Prison. Not sure if this is her or not but there is no listing or her in the Iowa prison.

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