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Ive received quite a few letters lately. Michelle Byrom, Lisa Jo Chamberlain and my most exciting- Michelle's son Edward. He was the actual trigger man i her husbands murder. I also got another AMAZING card from Angela Johnson. She is so very talented. I m going to see if she will allow me to set her up a website to sell her greeting cards. She writes "Death Row Designs" on the back of each in the most perfect calligraphy Ive ever seen. Still no sign of Paul Bernardo. I'm so disappointed. I really wanted to talk with him. Maybe Ill send him a nude photo. I'm kidding (mostly). I sent Michelle Byrom's brother a letter. I offered to take him to dinner to talk ith me about Michelle and her case but no luck. I haven't head from Judy Neelley in some time. Im very upset at this. She was my favorite and very open and honest. Im afraid that something has happened to her. I also got a letter from Kimberly McCarthy. It had been a really long time since Id heard from
I've tried this new email application that is promising to boost my blog readership. I would just love it if it turned out to be true It was really easy to sign up and the whole premise seems to make sence. So I hope it works. Email marketing is a whole new thing to me. Im trying to build my readership here because Im attempting to make some speaking engagements around the country this fall. (Can I stay at your house when Im in town? I dont eat much.) This site helps you build your own email newsletter for your blog and I hope it will work. Im planning on showing the actual letters only to the subscribers from now on. I think. Maybe not. What do you think? And it really helps that its free, right? That is always a great incentive for me. So check out this link and tell me what you think. I'll wait here.
Paul Bernardo is not going to write me back. Im just torn over it. I really wanted to talk with him. Maybe it was the Hello Kitty stationary. I thought it was cute. Damn. Maybe Ill try again another day. I am upset tho. Not only because of Paul but also because I had written to Nicole Diar, Brenda Andrew, Debra Milke and Denise Brown. None of whom have written me back. Im disgusted. So I've been cooking a lot. I think when I cook. Ive come up with some of my very best thoughts when cooking. I have been known to throw together up some pretty good ideas if the recipe is long enough. The more difficult the dish the harder my brain works, I guess. So I have made a lot of food and done some house cleaning, took the daughter some cupcakes and soda to school to celebrate her birthday,did some laundry, cooked huby some lunch, visited with my dad nd checed my email. During all tis I have talked mysel into quitting my contet writing job and concenrating on my book for the next month. Hubby s
The mentally ill -- jailed and desperate for help - Id like everyone to take a look at thisarticle and watch the video if at all possible. It explains so much about why certain people do the crimes that they do. Ponder this for a moment: Say your mom, who has always been a nice, normal mom, one day goes out and pours gasoline on a group of kids walking to school one morning. No reason, no idea why she did it. She will be carted off to jail and locked away for a long time for attempted murder of children and aggravated child abuse. If she is lucky enough she will get a lawyer that insists she has a physical and mental evaluation. Low and behold! We find that she has a problem like schizophrenia or Bi-polar disorder or a whhole host of other maladies that will fester in your brain until you snap. What if she didnt get a lawyer? Or she was forced to take a court appointed lawyer who doesnt give a damn or one who is inexperienced? These are people who are SICK. Puttng them in jail
I did some house cleaning. A little redecorating around here, can ya tell? I know, a prison reform blog that is all pink and sparkly is a little odd but I like it. It fis my personality and we can all count our blessings that I dont have a big ol' Hello Kitty on here somewhere. NNow that I finaly finished this huge writing assignment for my online content job (thanks Nikki)I can get back to my book for a few. I wrote a letter to Michelle Byroms son. He is actually in Parchman, the Mississippi prison that has been making headlines for its horrendous conditions. I also wrote another letter to federal inmate Angela Johnson. She seems like such a neat lady. She made me this really beautiful card, I was amazed. Lastly, I sent a copy of the Florida Support newsletter to Kimberley McCarthy. I miss Kim. I really enjoyed writing to her. She used to be married to the leader of the Black Panthers at one time. She is convicted of killing her elderly neighbor inan atmpt to find drug money. I wo
Cruel as Usual -- In These Times The above article is on the horrndous conditions in the Mississippi prison systems. I received a letter today from Michelle Byrom and Lisa Jo Camberlain. Both talk about the conditions in the prison. Michelle's cell is over 100 degres and she has asked again and again for her fan to be fixed. 3 weeks now without it. Lisa Jo writes of how Michelle has been unable to eat for weeks but no one seems to mind. She was found unconcious in a puddle of blood ribboned vomhit last week and is still not been delivered to a doctor. This article tells of another death row in Mississippi where the prisoners are treated the same way. Im in the process of writing an article on Michelle and MDOC. Anyone with any information or who just wants to help please contact me. This is awful. Think of your mother or aunt. What f they were falsely accused and awaiting their appeal sittig in a cell with no water, no ice, 105 degrees and heah problems sosever they were under a do
Mayhem in Mississippi!! I got a 12 page letter from Michelle in Mississippi all about how she got into an argument with Kristi Filgham. She said she asked her for some sweet and lows and she reused saying she had none but Michelle had over heard earlier when Kristi had gotten her canteen. They argued a bit back and forth through an open window with LisaJo Chamberlain playing instigator in the middle. Michelle is now completely upset. Saying she has washed her hands of Kristi becuase she cries all day and swears she is innocent of her crimes but then turned around and made a very odd comment for a innocent person. Michelle claims they were watching Maury where wild teen girls were forced to spend the night in prison. Kristi supposedly said "If someone had done that to me I wouldnt be here now." Hm. Im upset that Paul Bernardo hasnt written me back. I know its in Canada but still, he has had time. Maybe he doesnt write people he doesnt know. I really thought he would write me b
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Court must determine how long witness has been lying Tadaryl D. Shipp is a liar. The question for Knox County Criminal Court Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz is when Shipp became one. Was it days after he helped torture and murder 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer in January 1995? Was it nine months later when he penned a graphic letter detailing the crime? Or was it Monday when he tried to deflect blame from then-girlfriend Christa Gail Pike, now on death row for what Shipp had always maintained was a killing she engineered? Shipp took to the witness stand Monday in a bid to help Pike win a shot at a new trial by convincing Leibowitz her constitutional rights were violated when she was tried and sentenced to die for Slemmer’s slaying. Shipp had long insisted it was Pike who crafted a plot to lure Slemmer to a secluded spot on the University of Tennessee agricultural campus; Pike who brought a meat cleaver to make torturous cuts on Slemmer’s body; Pike who helped Shipp carve a pentagram on Slemmer’