Cruel as Usual -- In These Times
The above article is on the horrndous conditions in the Mississippi prison systems.
I received a letter today from Michelle Byrom and Lisa Jo Camberlain. Both talk about the conditions in the prison. Michelle's cell is over 100 degres and she has asked again and again for her fan to be fixed. 3 weeks now without it.
Lisa Jo writes of how Michelle has been unable to eat for weeks but no one seems to mind. She was found unconcious in a puddle of blood ribboned vomhit last week and is still not been delivered to a doctor.

This article tells of another death row in Mississippi where the prisoners are treated the same way.

Im in the process of writing an article on Michelle and MDOC. Anyone with any information or who just wants to help please contact me. This is awful.
Think of your mother or aunt. What f they were falsely accused and awaiting their appeal sittig in a cell with no water, no ice, 105 degrees and heah problems sosever they were under a doctors care in the free world.

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