I did some house cleaning. A little redecorating around here, can ya tell?
I know, a prison reform blog that is all pink and sparkly is a little odd but I like it. It fis my personality and we can all count our blessings that I dont have a big ol' Hello Kitty on here somewhere.

NNow that I finaly finished this huge writing assignment for my online content job (thanks Nikki)I can get back to my book for a few.

I wrote a letter to Michelle Byroms son. He is actually in Parchman, the Mississippi prison that has been making headlines for its horrendous conditions.

I also wrote another letter to federal inmate Angela Johnson. She seems like such a neat lady. She made me this really beautiful card, I was amazed.

Lastly, I sent a copy of the Florida Support newsletter to Kimberley McCarthy.

I miss Kim. I really enjoyed writing to her. She used to be married to the leader of the Black Panthers at one time. She is convicted of killing her elderly neighbor inan atmpt to find drug money. I wonder where she is on her appeals. There was some reason to believe that her dealer had done it. I cant remember all her details now. She stopped writing to me or returning my etters eary ast year. I think it is becuse I never sent her any money. I had sent her books and magazines and she only complained that I should have asked her first because she already had a copy. So now I only send her the newsletters and books periodically.

Today I will get my house (my real actual home!)clean and prepare another newsletter to go out. I think I will write to Wendi Adriano. I wrote to Nicole Diar last week and am curious to see if she writes back.

I had a wahm site up for the last year. Managed Mayhem. I loved helping mommies find work at home but the site that hosted it was constantly giving me problems and so Ive decided to move it to good ol blogger. Ill keep you updated.

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  1. Happy to help! Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten the other project.


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