I got a letter from Michelle Byrom a few weeks ago. She was seriously pissed off that I had posted a letter of hers where she railed on about Lisa Jo. What is even more fu nny is that she was aware that I had posted it and I even sent her a copy of a letter shed written to me where she asked me to print it.

But some asshole who reads this blog took it upon themself to write her and get her all upset.

I'd be willing to bet $100 that this person is not willing to give her the books and stamps and money that I do. Whatta ya want to bet?

Because I am tired as hell of all the shit starting troublemakers that sneak around on this blog like roaches in the dark, I am now going to make this blog a members only blog. Hopefully that will help.

And so, if you'd like to reamain a reader of this blog please send me an email at staff@womenofdeathrow.com

I have some new letters to post and a few surprises coming up- including a Christmas Gift- so make sure to stay on the readers list!


  1. I like the new look of your blog - it's very clean and professional. I will be sending an email to you to keep reading, I've always enjoyed what you post about the women on death row, you really have a way of opening people's eyes to it all.

  2. wow ... ive been clicking around... and reading...i'll be back!

  3. I smiled reading your post as I've been stalked online recently with someone stealing my posts and then trying to block me out of the places she posts them. Glad you didn't make the blog members only.

  4. i knew lisa jo chamberlin and roger gillet breifly in oregon about 8 months before the murder. at that point roger new that lisa jo was very evil. i could see the cold bloodedness in her eyes. roger told me that he would be going to prision very soon for life and 8 months later they commited the double murder. she was the ring leader of the two. may god have mercy on there soles.


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