Brenda Andrew and her Atty. Greg McCracken listen as she is sentenced to death for the 2001 murder of her husband Rob Andrew Thursday, July 15, 2004, in Oklahoma CIty, Okla. Andrew was convicted for the 2001 murder of her husband Rob Andrew.

Brenda Andrew stands in an Oklahoma County Courtroom as she is handcuffed before leaving the courtroom after being sentenced to death for the 2001 murder of her husband Rob Andrew, Thursday, July 15, 2004.

This article is about Brendas husband with interviews from his friends and family.


  1. I implore you to check out this blog entitled "Bitch" written about Brenda Andrews in a postive light, dispite the name.


  2. I dont understand why ANYONE murders for money. Is it realy that IMPORTANT? I think NOT! I think she got the sentance she deserved.. Sorry, no feelings for someone who took the life of a man a father a husband a son ect. Shame on her n her lover. They both deserve the penalty of death. I dont agree w/the death penalty, EXCEPT when it is done out of murder for money or sexual assult/kidnapping n a few more. It boggles me why a women who HAD IT ALL, resorted to murder. Nothin in life amazes me anymore.. Her poor children....n her husbands family.. They lost, NOT HER.

  3. Tripper, please send me the link to that? I cant find it, lol. Also, this link u put on here doesnt work. thank you, Kate

  4. The link to the post Tripper spoke of is http://www.talesfromthecells.com/archives/Blog_91/bitch

  5. I feel NO sorrow for her! My heart bleeds for her children. They lost their mom and dad! for What? Money? Sex?.... May GOD's Angel's cast her A@$ straight to HELL! when her day comes!

  6. 3/29/09....I lived in OKC at the time of the murder and now, from afar, would just like to find out if either Brenda Andrew or James Pavatt
    1)have been executed,
    2)when they were executed or,
    3)when they will be executed.

    I have not been able to find conclusive evidence of their executions online. Thank you.

  7. Linny,
    James Pavett has been turned down on all of his appeals and will probably be executed within the next couple of years. Brenda has
    lost at least one appeal I know of,
    and maybe two so her times a coming

  8. Linny,
    It is my understanding that James
    Pavett has been turned down on all appeals and will probably be executed in the next couple of years. Brenda has exhaused one or two of her appeals and her future doens't look bright. Her two children refuse to visit her in prison and want nothing more to do with her.

  9. Such a dumbass.. actually thought she would get away with it. Tried to throw James under the bus and don't buy a gun legally Andrews have a credit card receipt for it.. then use it in a murder..dumbass..she got the sentence she deserved. Too bad she gets.appeals and they can't go ahead and execute her.

  10. She is a MONSTER.....KILL HER ASAP


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