Im tickled to find another crime blog that I have fallen in love with Its awsome and I have found myself spending a few minuets every day there.

It is www.badgirlscrimeblog.com I cam across it quite by accident and have found it a true joy and a procrastinators best friend. Sigh... another one.

I received a letter from Michelle Byrom last week where she apologizes again for the person who wrote her and told her bad things about me. Mainly she was of a new mind about me becuase one of her cousins- someone she had grown up with had written to her and said she was a reader of my blog. That she enjoyed what I did. That is wonderful. It really makes my day. Because she read my blog and read about Michelle and what she was going through she wrote to the cousin she had grown up with but hadnt seen in years for support and comfort to her. How awsome is that?

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