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Showing posts from March, 2008
The Steve Wilkos Show would like me to contact some of the girls to see if they would be willing to appear on tv or by phone to share their experiences. I would so love it if Michelle Byrom would do it. Her story is so amazing. She is such a survivor. Her Munchausen Syndrom is only a thin layer of the issues that she has and fights everyday. Im going to ask her. After watching the show however, Im a little aprehensive. He screams and yells at everyone and is really harsh. I cant be a party to that.So I guess Ill need to find out what his intentions are.
I mailed a letter to Michelle Byrom today. She had asked my for information on the Parchman prison and the deplorable conditions there. I sent it as well as a few newspaper articles and a couple of other inmate stat sheets. I havent written to her in forever. She hurt my feelings with the accusations of betrayal she laid on me a few months back. Started of course by some pain in the ass lurker who wrote her and got her all upset. Only for her to find out I wasnt doing anything she hadnt asked me to. The latest newsletter is going out. We've been trying something new. Instead of them asking for penpals Ive started including information from people who would like to be contacted. So- if anyone wants to see if any of the women will write them send me your info. If you have any thing youd like published in the newsletter let me know.
This is an amazing video about Donna Roberts on Ohio death row. She actually doesnt want to live and the video has her son explaining the crime with Donnas Voice making comments and narrating. Its something to see.
I was a little girl growing up about 20 miles away from where John Wayne Gacy ran his boys school from hell. I can remember getting ready for school, watching my mother sit by the radio with her steaming coffee mug, eyes gazing wide and frightened as she listened to the news reports of the latest body pulled from the house.