Busy, busy, busy.

I went for the smash-o-gram today. My poor boob.
Still know nothing but should by Monday when I go for my thyroid check up.

The three Mississippi girls have decided to go on the Steve Wilkos Show but only if they are not asked about their crimes. Well- the rimes that got them where they are.

They've all agreed to talk about drugs and their ill effects and ruining their lives etc.

So- we'll see how that turns out.

Michelles still hunts the illusive Joey Gillis. I cant find him and I dont understand it. He has dissappeared.


The story of a woman put to death for killing her adulterous husband is told in this song by Loretta Lynn.


Saw the doctor yesterday.
The night before I was thinking to myself "If this turns out to be cancer Im going to call Jeannie"
Jeannie is a girl I went to school with. We have been friends through the years. We see each other here and there and talk for a while. She had breast cancer last year and every time I saw her it never seemed to phase her. Always bright and happy even when I saw her in Food Lion with a bag on her hip and no hair. The last time I saw her she was preparing for her second wedding to a MUCH better guy. Cool.

So I was a little taken aback when I walked in the doctors office to find Jeannie sitting there. We immediately fell into conversation as I filled out my paperwork but the entire time in the back of my head Im wondering if this is a sign from God. Kind of a "Here ya go I saved you the step of calling her..." type thing...

But I think all is well ( but lets not count chickens) because after feeling around for a while she pronounced it the "good kind" of lump and said not to worry to much. A little concern over the fact that it is 3-4 cm. kinda big. But it hurts and it slides and she said that since I breast fed all 6 kids that puts my risk considerably low. My mammo is Tuesday. So we shall see. Still nervous but not quite as paralyzed as I was. Ive also had some other issues that seem to point to thyroid issues so we'll be checking that out in May. Ah-Yes, the joys of hitting ones late 30's. Im falling apart slowly.

I havent heard from my Dad since the explosion although my cousin called to tell me that his day had been going very badly up to that point and it looks like he just came out here for the express purpose of yelling at someone. He was angry with my uncle and felt "less than" out there on his property so he came out here to show some authority. I was the whipping post yet again in my mothers place.

We were hoping to stay here until our house is built but are beginning to think that just moving away and renting a place would be a better option. We can rent out this one and use that to rent ourselves somewhere else. Stupid and wasteful but it may just stop a fued. For a while. DH is at this very minute talking with our old realtor to see if there are any decent rentals. Fingers crossed.

I received a letter from Michelle Byrom yesterday. She asks me to check out a woman from a production company who sent her some money in exchange for an interview but never wrote her again.

She is still searching for Joey Gillis- the trigger man in the murder of her husband. He was released last year and no one can find him. He is really essential to her case as well.


Just when you think it's almost over... the crap hits the cookie cutter.
I was having a pretty good week all things considered. I started my new job, my DH got a raise that we finally started to feel and all the kids came home with glowing report cards. And thats saying a lot when there are SIX kids to make sure homework is done and done right. I also put an end to Nikki. I was forced to put an end to it by my DH. Im still stung by the way she used me for years. I should have paid her off earlier but my pride kept me from it. The whole thing for me was ego, Ill admit it. I go every single day of my life trying to help someone elses life become a little easier place and when I need help its always a friend that kicks you in the gut. It hurt. She gave a whole new meaning to "no good deed goes unpunished". At least now she is using someone else. I dont even like that thought. What will she do now for blog fodder?

So I was pleased. Then I find the lump. OK, ok I know that not all lumps are cancer but I cant help worrying. I couldnt get a doctor to see me until Friday so Im scared literally to pieces. I think of it every minute of every day. I dont want to leave my kids. My mother died not quite two years ago of lung cancer and I miss her so much I cant imagine how it would be for them.

Then to put the icing on the cake- my dad lost his eff'ing mind today. I live in the house that my mother left for me in her will. The catch is that my dad has the right to live in it until he dies. He asked us to move in and then he took off to travel for a while. My dad is an addict. He is addicted to pills of some type, I dont know which. All I know is that he takes them until he passes out in the middle of a sentence.

So- he shows up today and starts yelling and screaming at me about how I have to move because my kids wont keep the bicycles out of the yard. It got pretty nasty with the name calling (him calling me trashy for having a messy yard and me telling him I wasnt moving because I own the house.)

Long story short- he left claiming that he was coming back to burn the house down. So far I dont smell smoke but that doesnt mean anything.


Here is the lovely Karla. She is one half of Canadas most horrific killing couple.

I believe she got off very, very easily and I tend to side with these gals more often than not.

She killed her own sister for her husbands sexual pleasure and raped and killed others as well.

She is now a free woman, remarried and a mother of a little boy.

BILL FOR MURDERESS, $7,000; State Will Pay $700 Mo... - View Article - The New York Times

BILL FOR MURDERESS, $7,000; State Will Pay $700 Mo... - View Article - The New York Times

This is hilarious.

Aileen Wournos Arrest Report


Did wife poison Marine? - Crime & courts- msnbc.com

This woman was released today after spending two years behind bars for a crime she didnt commit. Imagine if they would have executed her in that time frame?

Munchausen syndrome is a condition in which a person intentionally fakes, simulates, worsens, or self-induces an injury or illness for the main purpose of being treated like a medical patient.
~ from

Michelle Byrom ate rat poison for years until her internal organs and processes began to slowly shut down on her. Why? Because if she were sick enough to be in the hospital she was out of her house. She wasnt being punched in the face or kicked in the kidneys until she peed blood or well... you get the picture. Her husband Edward could not reach her there. She could heal. The split lip could finally seal and her stomach muscles could take a break.

One day she was admitted to the hospital and while she slept in her hospital bed her son walked into the house and shot her husband.

Michelle sits on death row where she still has the symptoms of the years of rat poison ingestion but no longer receives the proper treatment for them.
She is now drawing national attention to her trial and the evidence that was witheld by a small town sheriff with a grudge.



This is official Supreme Court version of what happened with Beth Markman when she and her boyfriend killed the girl, Leslie White, that he had cheated on her with.

I used to write to Beth and I do believe that she is a decent woman. There is record of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend for years before the murder and the night before he held her hostage with a knife, cutting and raping her for hours. But she got extremely angry at me. She asked me what I had read about her online. So I printed the article Id found and sent it to her. She became enraged and refused to write to me anymore. Go figure.
When I read about Beths case I often wonder what I would have done in her shoes. I have seen my mother beatten to a bloody pulp when I was a girl and I know that there were times she would have done anything to stop it.

Beth is no longer on death row but in county jail awaiting her retrial.


I have had the very distinct and memorable pleasure of working with Susan Shapiro Barash on a few articles. She is a joy to work with and a super smart lady and fantastic author. Her books are powerhouses of information for women. I'm proud to say I received a review copy of her latest book last month and I was utterly mesmerized from one page to the next.

Little White Lies and Deep Dark Secrets- The Truth About Why Women Lie was an amazingly insightful read. It gives a fascinating view of how society forces women to lie. It explains how society gives women mixed messages from infancy.

She says:

Ever since we were little girls, we have been encouraged to keep secrets.

I was raised a good girl, like most women in America, where instinctively we knew that a secret was sacred, I was taught to never betray a trust. The fact that a mishandled secret could endanger someone was shown to me by my mother, my aunts, my grandmothers, so I knew to believe this. I remember feeling special when someone shared a secret, and choosing carefully with whom I shared my secrets. By high school, secrets between girlfriends were a big part of the picture; who had a crush on whom, how far someone had gone with her boyfriend, who had been out all night while her mother thought she was sleeping at a friend’s house.

I thought the press release I received with the book said it very well:

{This book} invents a new lexicon to explain how women, who confront double standards at every turn and the pressures of a culture obsessed with beauty, success and wealth, protect themselves and their families, please others, and safeguard their financial security.

Susan identifies six styles of female lies as compassionate, beneficial, survival, designated, acceptable and betterment lies.

I think this book should be required reading!

One of the biggest things that seperates us from animals is empathy. We have the ability to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and see things from their point of view. This is a gift we have been given as humans.
So why dont more people use it?
When you see a woman who sits on death row or a homeless man on the side of the road do sniff with disgust? Do you judge immedietly? Or maybe you think "what happened in her life that made her so screwed up?"
Or maybe your like me. I do both. I catch myself juding people immedietly for various reasons and I have to stop. Regroup.

What if it were me?


A card from Michelle. I got th is card in reply from the letter I sent her last week.

I have a letter to Michelle Anderson going out tomorrow as well as one to Nicole Diar again.