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Antoinette Frank's execution is set for July. But I doubt it will happen read below and you'll know why. Orleans Parish Judge Frank Marullo today signed a death warrant for convicted killer Antoinette Frank, the former police officer sentenced to die by lethal injection for the 1995 triple murder at a local Vietnamese restaurant. Marullo, acting on his own, ordered the state of Louisiana to execute Frank on July 15, after 6 p.m., on the lethal injection table located at the state penitentiary at Angola. Read more... "No one will be executed July 15," said Clements, who made his first courtroom appearance as Frank's attorney Tuesday. "Not Antoinette Frank, not anyone."
This video shows Brenda Andrews arrest and details of her crime and trial. I get most search engine referrels from people searching for info on Brenda.
FWWeekly: Feature: Our Other Selves This is a fascinating article on several death row inmates on Texas Death Row- including Darlie Routier.
Dear Interested Party, Hello whoever you are. I tried to return your email to answer your questions but it keeps bouncing back so I cant! As far as Edward. I did write to him at one time but I haven't in quite a while. He sent me a picture of himself playing guitar in the prison church. He really is a pretty nice guy. Very polite. I can easily believe that he killed his father to save his mother from that last ass whipping that would probably kill her. Joey? The actually trigger puller is the only one free at this time. Michelle desperately needs him to show up at her appeal but no one can find him. Joey Gillis if your out there call me!!!! So, interested party. Please email me again maybe with a different email that I can respond to. I look forward to discussing the case with you.