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Good News From Darlie's Mom

A letter from Darlie Routiers mom:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The family met this week with Darlie's attorneys. They gave us hope as
to future DNA testing through the federal courts and also encouragement
about the CCA's recent ruling to allow Darlie limited testing of DNA on
some evidence. It is a small step and it will be a long battle to get
most of the testing we want, but I believe it will happen.

Darlie's federal judge, Royal Ferguson, was also the Judge on the Michael
Blair case. For those of you that are not familiar with this Dallas
case, many of the experts and prosecutors on his case have been involved
in Darlie's. Michael was on death row for supposedly murdering a child.
He was found guilty by witnesses and police officers that lied and
experts that were inept and just plain wrong. Michael case was
overturned after 14 years through DNA testing.

This gives me hope that Judge Ferguson will see the same situation in
Darlie's case. Again same experts, same type prosecutors and things
being hidden. It is our hope we will get all the testing we ask for.

It is hard for me to ask for your help again as many of you have helped
Darlie the entire time she has been incarcerated. I have never had to
ask anyone for financial help before this happened to Darlie, but this is
for my daughter's life. I can't put a figure on her life and I have to
do my very best to have everything done for Darlie Lynn as she deserves
this and it is her last chance since we are at the federal level.

The estimate cost for the DNA testing is going to be $50,000. The
Washington Attorney firm who is handling Darlie's case is doing so
pro-bono. They are over budget at this point and that is the only reason
Dick Burr, Darlie's lead attorney, has suggested we try to raise some of
the money for the DNA testing.

I know that somehow we will raise the money; this is in God's hands for
sure and he will provide somehow, someway as he always does.

Bob and I were going to start to build a new home this year as we have
foundation problems to name a few. When I told him the amount the DNA
testing was going to be. his words were "well we don't really need a new
house but we really need to do our very best to save Darlie's life". So
my husband and I will provide half the money.

We have about 4 months to raise the money if our estimated timeframe
holds true. We could get together and have several yard sales for Darlie
and that could possibly raise several thousands. I am open for
suggestions as to how to raise the rest of the money. I think at this
point we could be successful at a fundraiser but haven't a clue where to

If you know of an organization or church or individual that could
possibly provide funds to help Darlie, please write them or talk to them
or let me know how I can reach them.

I also would want all funds to be sent to Dick Burr, Darlie's lead
attorney. He can disperse it to the experts and laboratories as needed.
I am including his address.

Richard Burr, Attorney
Burr & Welch LLP
412 Main Street, Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77002

I know with the price of gas and the economy today, this is not the best
time to be asking anyone for help financially. I totally understand if
you can't help Darlie at this time. But again, perhaps you know someone
who can. Together we can do anything with the right attitude and focus.

Anyone with items to sell to raise some of the money, I do have an
account on eBay to use. Just one more way we can raise some of the

Below is a list of items we discussed and agree upon for testing. This
is just a partial list and we do not know how much we will get.

Fingerprints in blood from coffee table, utility room door and latent
prints from cut screen. Ideally they will be compared to all officers
and the family that were at the crime scene and if possible run through

Forensic Touch DNA Testing, recently used in Jon Benet Ramsey case. From
what I have read it tests for DNA invisible to the human eye. Most of
you know that this actually cleared the Ramsey Family as far as the
District Attorney's office of Boulder was concerned.

Boys clothing needs to be tested for foreign biological evidence.
Rape test was just a wet smear yet Davis did claim throughout the trial
that this was a rape test that was negative. I don't think this is a
dead issue.

Obtain the 911 reel-to-reel tape so that we can make our own copies, not
accept what the state gave us since it was not complete.

There is a list of suspects and theories that will be worked through by
Richard Reyna our investigator.

The necklace in evidence that was embedded in Darlie's neck, needs to be
examined to again prove it was cut. Location of the cut and the fact
that it was cut proves Darlie was lying down , not at a sink like the
prosecutors told the jury.

The piece of Darlie's nightshirt that was tested by the state had green
fibers on it and jean fibers on it. We need to see if these were
collected separately and tested. If not then we need to test.
The sock needs to be tested completely and this would be a good article
to use the Touch DNA testing.

Darlie Lynn and the attorneys have more evidence for testing which I have
not listed here. We do want our forensic expert, Elizabeth Johnson, to
be present at all testing so we prevent a repeat of what happened in
1996. Dr Johnson's fees will be over $10,000 alone if she is involved
in all DNA testing.

There is much work to be done and if you can not contribute financially,
we would appreciate any involvement of your time you can provide.

At this point, if we could pray in unison every evening, asking God to
reveal all the truth in this case, we will have the most powerful tool
possible to help free Darlie Lynn.

I thank you again for your support. If you have any questions please do
not hesitate to call or email me.


Darlie Kee


  1. pasta dinners are a good way to raise funds. a local family needed money and a band donated their time, friends pitched in and bought pasta and sauce, baked bread and desserts and then they sold tickets for something like fifteen dollars a piece. mostly everything was donated and so all the money went to the family. i dont know if thats an idea you can use, but maybe it can help.

  2. Thanks annie, Ill definetlyy pass it on.

  3. To Darlie Kee and family:
    1. You could have car washes and bake sales to help.
    2.You could put a letter to the editor for the Dallas, Houston, and Lubbock newspapers and ask them to publish an ad to her supporters and ask for donations to help. Let me know how the collection goes and when the testing has been done. We MUST save Darlie. Let me know if I can help.


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