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Gail Owens is on Tennessee's Death Row Born in Ripley, Tennessee on September 22, 1952. Resided in Memphis when she was married. Previous conviction in 1978 for fraud and embezzling funds from a doctor for whom she worked. She received five years probation. She and her husband paid back half of the money she embezzled. She has two children from her marriage. On February 17, 1985, her husband was killed in Bartlett, Tennessee. A tire iron was the murder weapon used by Sidney Porterfield, hired by Owens to kill her husband. Owens was tried and convicted for accessory before the fact/murder. She received the death sentence along with Sidney Porterfield. She was 34 years old when she entered prison. Owens has a job at the Tennessee Prison for Women conducting clerical duties in the housing unit she is assigned.
Inland News Southern California News News for Inland Southern California More than two months -- and 83 witnesses -- after opening statements, the prosecution rested Tuesday in the capital murder trial of a Rialto couple accused in the sex slaying of a Las Vegas teenager. CheckWidthImage(1,850,300); Michael Forrest Thornton, 50, and his girlfriend, Janeen Marie Snyder, 26, are charged with shooting 16-year-old Michelle Curran, who had disappeared April 4, 2001, on her way to school. Although forensic evidence indicates that Snyder fired the gun, she and Thornton both are accused of first-degree murder with special circumstances of kidnapping, rape, torture and committing the crime during a burglary.
Sister murder case: woman remains in jail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Aussie bitches gone crazy! Whoa! One sister accused of stabbing death of the other. They were fighting over hair straightener! WTF! Anyone across the pond have news on this one? More on it here...
DNA may solve century-old mystery of serial killer -- If your familar at all with female killers, and even famous, historic crimes and killers you know who Belle Gunness is. A woman who says she shares a bloodline with Belle Gunness may help determine once and for all whether the notorious serial killer died in a farmhouse blaze a century ago, or staged her death and fled. This article is fascinating!
Im here to come clean right away this time. I have a new book contract on Beekeeping and I may be M.I.A for a while. I'll sincerely try not to be. I was so surprised by al the mail I got when I got back last time. It was really nice and I do appreciate it. So much so that I dont want to stay away again. I'll do my best to stay on track and schedule this blog along with my other work. But if you know any good beekeepers please let me know!
I got a letter from Angela Johnson yesterday. She was as usual, funny, charming, jovial. She talked about her new fellow federal female death row inmate, Valerie friend. She spoke of her daughter and the impending visit from her grand daughter. She talked about her friends birthday and how they were celebrating by making some of her favorite recipes. (She writes recipes for the newsletter) She names her recipes pithy little slaps in the face of capital punishment; S'mores to die for & lethal injection punch. Sometimes her letters will come in handmade envelopes from magazine pages with beautiful pictures. I also got a letter from Michelle Byrom who is not to happy with me again. She is mad I haven't written to her and I'm sure to get another letter from Antoinettes brother soon again too. Id better write some letters.