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I ran into this website quite by accident. It is the site of the three women on the row in PA; Carol King, Shonda Walter and Michelle Tharp. Beth Markman is also there but I believe she has been removed from death row.

Michelle Tharp is the one who wrote me the threatening letters a few years back. She was extremely angry at me for this blog.

It started with Beth Markman who I wrote to first. I was contacted by a social worker in P.A. who had some questions about her. When I went to her for the answers she became very closed lipped and told me she wanted nothing else to do with me.

I eventually heard from both Carolyn and Michelle who wrote scathing letters about what a horrible person I am. I became friends with Michelle after a while and I truly tried to help her in any way I could. She was hard to work with because she would give me permission to print her pictures or parts of her letters and then get angry when I would do so.

Eventually a trouble maker named Paul from across the pond began to get interested in her and would relate sordid tales to her about the members of our Support Death Row Women group and ostracized her from us all. There was a general consensus that he was using his "concern" for Michelle and others to fuel a strange perversion for bonded and chained women.

At least once a month I am contacted by someone who has written to Michelle and has to stop due to her extremely paranoid and odd nature.

I tried to write to Carolyn after a local church donated books specifically for her. She told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted nothing to do with me. It was a few days later that a fiasco broke out (Im not sure of these details) where she was removed from the ALIVE support site for continuously trying to solicite money from her supporters.

No one can fully understand what the women are living through in such a place and what happens to them mentally after a while but that sort of behavior is so counterproductive for them.


  1. I believe that any woman who starves her own child to death gets exactly what she deserves!

  2. Any woman that kills her own child needs to be tourtured! Starve Tharp I say and let her waste away like she did her OWN child!


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