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Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me

Teach your son not to be a rapist. Please. If you don't mind. Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me Why, when some hear of a woman dressed in a certain way or with a certain type of behavior, even if it is contrary to any previous behavior,are they labled bad or untrustworthy or perhaps worthy of all things evil that might have been perpetuated against her? Why also are women sometimes blamed for rapes and assaults based on there where abouts, or what they were wearing or how they were acting? The truth is- a sicko is a sicko isnt he? If all women covered up all day and wore parkas to Kroger then they would develope parka fetishes and masterbate to pictures of eskimos. I thought the above link had a great many good ideas in it. What do you think?
Gaile Owens, on death row in my home state of Tennessee (along with one other women, Christa Pike) was denied her appeal yesterday. Gail is convicted of accessory after the fact by hiring a man to kill her husband in 1985. Ronald Owens was beaten to death with a tire iron in the couples home just outside Memphis. She has been in prison since 1986 and was the first woman sentenced to death under Tennessee's 1977 death penalty law. Her request for an appeal was heard by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati which ruled 2-1 to deny Gaile K. Owens' appeal. I do not have contact with Gail. I am, however, very concerned that her appeal was denied. She asked to be able to plead guilty back in '85 but was denied this right. Why? There was also evidence that was suppressed by the prosecution. There is absolute fact that this happened so why was her appeal denied? Why?
Poverty affects millions of people in the United States and yet there are so many who cannot fathom it. That is one of the oddities of the human condition. We are able to feel compassion like no other living things but something that effects so many of us goes virtually ignored. Because of ignorance and misinformation and maybe self absorption. How can so many people be unaware of poverty when its byproducts are so dangerous to the entire society? What does poverty mean to the subject of this blog? An excuse? A cause? A product? All three? None of the above? Poverty creates a black hole inside of persons mind and soul. It is especially damaging to those individuals who strive to get out of it. Those people who work hard every day and still can not escape it seem to be affected the most. A comparison can be drawn to ranchers breaking a horse. Eventually a wild, bucking horse will stop trying and just accept. Much the same happens when someone is subjected to poverty that never This is a page on Write a Prisoner for the infamous Susan Smith. You remember her as the mother who strapped her children into a car and let it roll down into John D Long Lake in N Carolina. She asks for letters from " those who are not judgmental and who are sincere".