Poverty affects millions of people in the United States and yet there are so many who cannot fathom it. That is one of the oddities of the human condition. We are able to feel compassion like no other living things but something that effects so many of us goes virtually ignored. Because of ignorance and misinformation and maybe self absorption.

How can so many people be unaware of poverty when its byproducts are so dangerous to the entire society?

What does poverty mean to the subject of this blog? An excuse? A cause? A product?
All three? None of the above?

Poverty creates a black hole inside of persons mind and soul. It is especially damaging to those individuals who strive to get out of it. Those people who work hard every day and still can not escape it seem to be affected the most. A comparison can be drawn to ranchers breaking a horse. Eventually a wild, bucking horse will stop trying and just accept.

Much the same happens when someone is subjected to poverty that never lets up. Imagine working a full week and bringing home a paycheck that is already gone; to the landlord; to the electric company, to the phone company, to the gas station. Imagine this and then imagine your baby daughter and her needs that you cant provide. Or perhaps your own medications or your parents. There is only so much government help to receive. There are still gaps to be filled.

It isn't out of the realm of possibility to imagine how less than savory situations can occur. Many single moms begin prostituting, selling pot or shop lifting to make ends meet. More often than not they do it once, pay the bill and vow never to do it again. But next month comes and there is no money for rent or no money for heat and the mind wanders to any way at all to make that money. Becoming more and more desperate and panic stricken the last available solution will slowly rear its ugly head. This time however, it isn't quite so painful. You've done it before. If that's the only alternative, so be it.

Ever so slowly, a black hole develops. A black hole in your mind and in your soul.

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