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If you are against the death penalty does that mean you condone murder? I was recently asked that question and it seemed totally absurd to me. How could it mean that? I am against the death penalty for one reason only. I am against the death penalty because there are to many ways it can be wrong. To many way for it to go wrong. To many ways to regret it later. I am not against punishment for the guilty. If you are a proponent of the death penalty - aren't you condoning murder?
I get many emails asking for my opinion on the most interesting or fascinating women in crime. Surprisingly they are not all on death row. I do have a few that really intrigue me and I will share them with you in no particular order. 1. Sharee Miller- I have always found Sharee interesting because she fancied herslef such a seductress and she was a rather plain gal that sold MaryKay and had a fairly crappy life until she married her husband. He really saved her and gave her a great life but she wanted more. After getting her first computer and logging into some naughty adult chat rooms she found herself a poor unsuspecting sap and conned him into killing her hubby by making him believe that she was pregnant with his baby and her husband beat her until she miscaried. Sharee has since started a new relationship and a new trial. 2. Martha Freeman- Martha is a favorite of mine because she is local to me. Her case happened in Nashville and I can vivdly remember sitting in front of the telev
I have written to Shonda Walter in Pennsylvania. I do not expect an answer and if I do get one I expect it to be some ranting terrible accusatory crapola. But hey- ya gotta try- right? I expect it to be bad becuase everyone in Pennsylavania hates me. It all stems back to crazy Michelle Tharp and her antics. Anything I try to do for anyone there gets construed into some maniacle paparazzi type thing. It was a big heap of stress rolled off my back when I stopped writing her and I have since heard from two others that have recently quite swapping letters with her. But- I got a letter from a relative of SHondas who personally asked me to write her. Im hoping that she keeps it to herself and doesnt tell everyone. It can only cause problems. Here is an interview with Shonda . Shonda is convicted of chopping to death James Sementelli, an 83 year old WWII vet) with a 10-inch hatchet 66 times. It was said in trial that she stabbed him several times and told him to "just die". She even
I gave a lecture today on the women of deatah row and it never ceases to touch my heart every time I do it. I've related the tales to young womens group homes and new police recruits as well as womens groups and true crime fans. Everything from anti dealth penalty rallys to book clubs have requested my lecture. Everyone is interested for a different reason. Today I was in a small group home for teen girls close to my home. I stood in the living room and told the tales of how a girl can go wrong, how constant abuse can wreck a womans life from the inside out. After the lecture I usually leave right away. This time I was stopped by a little girl about 13 with soft brown hair and ginger colored feckles across her nose. Her light brown eyes shone with a glossy tear and she whispered something I couldnt quite hear. I bent down closer to her and said "What was that, hun?" "I dont have to hate her now. I can just go on. I dont have to hate her." Then she ran out of the
Here is the personal blog of convicted killer Joseph Edward Duncan III who kidnapped, killed and molested children all across the country. He writes this from his cell and then mails it to a ghost blogger for posting. He also reads and responds to comments.
Texas Death Row Inmate plucks out his own eye and eats it...AGAIN! He's on death row for killing his wife and two children by cutting out thier hearts which he put in plastic bags and threw away.
I'm very excited today. I'm off to my mini vacation/business seminar in Nashville. I get to stay in a really nice hotel and hear a great smeinar on my chosen craft. Hooray! In my absense Im giving you a little homework. I found several interesting osts on the death penalty this morning. Read them! New Hampshire reopens Death Row FOR THE first time since 1959, the state of New Hampshire has a prisoner on death row--28-year-old Michael Addison, a Black man convicted of shooting ... Death Penalty Upcoming Issue in Sesson "We've got men on death row that have been convicted and sentenced to death, and on top of that we have heinous crimes being committed in Nebraska every ... Is the death penalty a dying breed? "We have a lot fewer murders than we did," Edmonds said, so "you have a smaller pool of potential death row inmates from which to choose. ...
The perverts have descended again. Following a "recent came from" link in the stat counter I found that a few people are coming from a link on a perverts yahoo group: " Girls arrested and in Handcuffs " How can I get my link taken down?
Ive been writing in my Telecommuting Truths blog all about my aspirations and goals in 2009. I have been looking forward to the new year since November. I have big plans for this year and so far it seems to be working for me. I'm opening a consultant firm in March (if all goes well)to help other people find work from home and/or start their own home business and I have two interested agents for the book on the death row women. My plans for this blog in 2009 are to make it more capable of enlightening the world about the lives of the girls on the row. It has always been my objective here but I haven't aways achieved it. Things like Antoinette Franks looming execution bother me. I don't feel like I have successfully shown the world what has happened to her. Although she is one of the women who actually did commit her crime I think that she has made a miraculous turn around. A la Karla Faye Tucker. I truly believe prison turned Nette into a better person. It has given her an
I write articles on Ehow. Here and there when the muse hits me. I was checking the site yesterday and found a message from another member there. He wrote of how he has recently contacted Brenda Andrew and began a correspondence with her. He seems very interested in her and how she is managing from day to day. I am hoping that he is sincere. Another surprising thing happened just a few days before Christmas. I was working at an editing job and had my Yahoo Messenger up. Someone buzzed me and introduced himself as an avid reader. He had a few questions about a couple of the girls and a few comments about the death penalty. Then right outta left field he asks me if I want to play role playing games with him. Me = incarcerated, chained woman - Him = powerful prison guard. My gosh what a turd. Every so often I will find this blog linked to weird Yahoo groups about chained women fetishes and I have to ask them to remove me. I also get emails like that periodically but that's the first t
A Wisconsin woman who suffocated her two year old son will not be facing the death penalty. From MSNBC: A Neenah woman who suffocated her 2-year-old son was found not mentally responsible Tuesday. OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) -- A Neenah woman who suffocated her 2-year-old son was found not mentally responsible Tuesday. Testimony showed Brenda Thiel, 28, had spoken of harming her children after she attempted suicide March 31, only six weeks before the death of her son, Caleb. -Child Killer Found Insane-