I write articles on Ehow. Here and there when the muse hits me.
I was checking the site yesterday and found a message from another member there. He wrote of how he has recently contacted Brenda Andrew and began a correspondence with her.
He seems very interested in her and how she is managing from day to day. I am hoping that he is sincere.

Another surprising thing happened just a few days before Christmas. I was working at an editing job and had my Yahoo Messenger up. Someone buzzed me and introduced himself as an avid reader. He had a few questions about a couple of the girls and a few comments about the death penalty. Then right outta left field he asks me if I want to play role playing games with him. Me = incarcerated, chained woman - Him = powerful prison guard. My gosh what a turd.

Every so often I will find this blog linked to weird Yahoo groups about chained women fetishes and I have to ask them to remove me. I also get emails like that periodically but that's the first time anyone has contacted me directly with it. I mean, really...REALLY!?

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