I'm very excited today. I'm off to my mini vacation/business seminar in Nashville. I get to stay in a really nice hotel and hear a great smeinar on my chosen craft. Hooray!

In my absense Im giving you a little homework. I found several interesting osts on the death penalty this morning. Read them!

New Hampshire reopens Death Row
FOR THE first time since 1959, the state of New Hampshire has a prisoner on death row--28-year-old Michael Addison, a Black man convicted of shooting ...

Death Penalty Upcoming Issue in Sesson"We've got men on death row that have been convicted and sentenced to death, and on top of that we have heinous crimes being committed in Nebraska every ...

Is the death penalty a dying breed?
"We have a lot fewer murders than we did," Edmonds said, so "you have a smaller pool of potential death row inmates from which to choose. ...

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