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Gaile Owens was the first woman that my home state of Tennessee ever sentenced to death. She hired a man to kill her husband because of ongoing abuse and a general "bad marrage". I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on that; the effects of a bad marriage on a woman over time. This article in the Nashville Post is one of the best Ive ever read on the case.
Tiffany Cole is the only woman on Florida's death row. She is there for the kidnapping, torture, murder and robbery of a Florida couple. She says that she was not aware that the couple were to be killed. She claims only to be a part of a robbery scheme. There were 4 other people involved in the scheme. The prosecution says that Tiffany is the bonding factor in all these people. She is apparently the person who knew the couple originally, having followed the couple from North Carolina where she was a neighbor of theirs
I wrote to Michelle Byrom and Judy Neelley over the weekend. Judy has been MIA for a while. Last I heard from her was a phone call on Christmas day 07. She didn't return any letters after that and then I realized that she had been moved. She's been moved twice more and I'm having trouble keeping up with her. She is in the news again. I can always tell when the ID channel runs the "Wicked Attraction" program featuring her and Alvin because my blog and site visitors goes way up- all from google searched on her. She has garnered attention of her own this past month though because there was some media frenzy a while back because when her death sentence was commuted there was a chance of parole and everyone in the world got their pants in a wad over it. Just because she had a chance of parole doesn't mean anyone would ever give it to her. She had no delusions that they would. She has mentioned several times that she is fully aware she will die in prison. They have