Transporting Inmates

Through the course of the United States justice system there are many times that an inmate would need to be transported somewhere. They may need to be transported to another state or country for crimes committed there, or they may need doctor visits or an entire group may need transported to another prison, jail or similar correctional facility. Prisoner transportation services are designed to take care of this need.

Extradition Company’s

Extradition company’s are companies whose sole goal is to transport prisoners. They provide this transport for a fee and employ several people. They can transport just one prisoner or several bus loads. They are able to transport inmates with special mental health and medical needs. Most will transport all over America and some will travel outside the country to extradite prisoners. Most will transport prisoners of all security levels but some may not transport high security risk prisoners. These companies must be licensed and adhere to all state laws pertaining to public criminal justice agencies.

Extradition Agents

The people that drive the vehicles and do the transporting for the extradition companies are called extradition agents. To be an extradition agent one must have a background in criminal justice, military or the security industry. They must pass a health screening and be bondable. In most cases they will continue their education with specific training courses from the company they are employed by. These courses should be state accredited. They must also be licensed to carry a gun.


The vehicles that are used to transport inmates depend on any number of factors. It can depend on the number of inmates, the weight of the combined inmates, locations they are leaving from and going to, sex of the inmates, health conditions and pregnancy and a short deadline for delivery of inmate. They can be cars, vans, buses or trucks. They may also use airplanes and ferries as transport devices.


Extradition companies and extradition agents must have and maintain the security licenses required in their state. This is in addition to any gun permits, business licenses and certifications the state requires. Each state will be different. The county administration office is in charge of these topics in each state. Certifications could include transporting high security risk inmates or defensive driving skills.


Inmates have needed to be transported for as long as we have had laws and jails. The early years saw us transport prisoners on horseback accompanied by a law official. As our communities and cultures progressed be developed more sophisticated transportation and our criminal justice system was more advanced as well, furthering the need for other persons to be able to transport prisoners. Private companies in this field appeared as early as 1920’s in the form of ex-jail guards as well as bounty hunters and bail bondsman. As other security positions became available those professions eventually found a niche in the inmate transportation business.

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