How can we let this happen?

Gaile Owens is about to be executed. She has spent her last appeal. Yet Mary Winkler, another husband murderer in my home state served 67 days after killing her husband and has just been granted custody of her children.

The cases are so similar and yet have such drastic, terrible ends.

Look at some of the similarities as stated in a recent Tennessean article:

* Both of them were examined — some 20 years apart — by the same psychologist, Dr. Lynne Zager of Memphis, who said that both suffered from battered woman's syndrome — a condition that courts have recognized as "a female who is the victim of consistent, severe domestic violence."

* In both cases, the spousal abuse included lurid sexual details. In Owens' case, the sexual encounters were more violent and also involved her husband's extramarital affairs.

Mary tesitified in her own defense- Gail didnt. Could that have mattered that much?

read the entire Tennesseean article here:


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