I was asked today why I focus on the women on the row and not all prisoners on the row. (Hiya Skylark and Big Lin!) I suppose other people have wondered this too. I knew a very special woman who was killed on death row.

I was a juvenile delinquent. I have been in some pretty hairy situations in my younger years. I have seen devastating abuse, Ive seen evil, vicious acts. Ive been in jail. I have seen some horrific things happen to people just because they were prisoners. Women in particular.

Because of these experiences I can sometimes look at a woman who has committed a crime and understand where she came from. Why her mind was in that state and how she could become the creature that committed the crimes.

Even those kinds of crimes that your government can kill you for.

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  1. Hi Kelly

    I too was a juvenile delinquent. I was in a gang, slept around, stole, did drugs, mugged people and twice nearly killed rival gangstas.

    Then my lesbian lover was brutally murdered (not a gang-related crime) and it shook me into maturity.

    When I was 20 two friends of mine were sentenced to prison for minor offences. They weren't even GUILTY but the guy who was had turned Queen's Evidence and got immunity. He told a bunch of lies about them and they got banged up.

    In prison, both were brutally raped and beaten, by inmates and by guards. Both tried to take their own lives.

    At that moment I became a fierce champion of prison reform and of alternatives to prison.

    I support the death penalty but I'm not one of those people who exalts when a murderer is executed. I am possibly the most reluctant pro you will come across because temperamentally I'm on the other side and I'm married to an anti!

    I applaud the good work Kelly and others like her do and agree with her that the Gail Owens case looks like one where clemency should be shown.


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