HERE is the case papers for Stepahie Cull of the Kelley Tibbs Tracy Bitner fiasco against the state.


I got an email from Stacy, the executive director of the  Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (of which I am a member yeah!). She says that Gale Owens has a hearing coming on the 5th of february. More than likely there will be no decision made only deliberation. They could set her an execution date but that doesn't seem likely. We only wish for Gaile to be treated with the same laws and efficiency as her counterparts from years gone by, some of which have more violent acts proven against them.

Christs Pike is also being abused by the Tennessee Women Prison facilities again. She has been denied her medications when it has been proven in court that she truly needs them for her diagnosed illnesses. WTF! Does nobody see this? Can they just do whatever they want? Then people wonder why Christs makes the news for her violent outbursts. Maybe Christa is one who has just been pushed to her limits and can not tolerate another minute.


Darlie Routier is innocent. The state of Texas is allowing her to be prosecuted and no one is doing anything about it. The world is standing by, watching this woman rot in prison for crimes she did not commit. Have you read Precious Angels? This book by Barbra Davis details all the reason that Darlie is guilty written by someone who was in court every single day of the trial and has poured over the evidence. But guess what happened when she was presented with new evidence? She changed her mind. She realized Darlie is innocent and that the state of Texas is dirty, filthy even.

Read the statement Barbra Davis posted on her site here. This was after her book was published and she recants all of the book and says why.

So now what do you think?


Remember Michelle Anderson? She and her boyfriend, James McElroy killed her entire family two years ago on Chrsitmas Eve in Washington. She shot her mother and father then waited for her brother and his family to arrive. She then shot and killed her brother, his wife and their two children 7 and 3.

Michelle's case is just now coming around to trial. Prosecution will attempt to give her the death penalty but her lawyers are fighting against it. That doesnt seem to be enough for her, twice she has asked for new lawyers saying hers are dishonest. She has also asked for charges to be dropped against her boyfriend and that kidnapping charges be levied against her. She claims that his participation was forced.

She has been denied the change of lawyers and there will be no charges dropped on her boyfriend.


DNA evidence can be faked. Thats right folks.
Several deth penalty convictions are now being reexamined for the possibility of fraudulant behavior.

So what about those already convicted and killed for DNA eveidence?

Read this for a little insight. And a great big hug to my friend Lin for sharing this link.

DNA Evidence can be FAKED


Ive written to Tiffany Cole.
She is the only woman on Florida's death row since Virginia Larzelere was commuted to life.
Tiffany and three other men , one her boyfriend, kidnapped, tortured and buried alive an elderly, disabled couple in 2007.

She may not write back since she is still so fresh to the row and still in line for all her appeals. Her case is so cut and dry tho I dont forsee much help with her appeals. They have ATM photos and shots of Tiffany and Co in a limo with handfuls of cash and champaigne.


The death penalty is crap. Nonsense. Who says?
I say.
Oh but not only me- also The American Law Institute. That's right, The American Law Institute fashioned a team of investigators who engaged in a study of all the criticisms of the death penalty and you know what they said?
Screw it.
They threw up their hands and  said  its broke and we cant fix it.
EXACTLY what Ive been telling people for years.

Dont believe me? Check it out below:

Death penalty loses legitimacy as top lawyers distance themselves

By Editorial Board

http://www.stltoday .com/blogzone/ the-platform/ published- editorials/ 2010/01/death- penalty-loses- legitimacy- as-top-lawyers- distance- themselves/

Missouri Department of Corrections' execution chamber at the Eastern Reception and Diagnostic Center in 2005. GABRIEL B. TAIT / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

Lawyers think no problem has been invented that they can’t puzzle through, solve or argue their way out of.

So, there’s reason to pause when they throw up their hands and walk away from a fight. That’s what the nation’s pre-eminent group of legal scholars and practitioners has done with capital punishment. It says that problems associated with the death penalty are “intractable” — that the system is so broken that it no longer is willing to lend it legitimacy.

The American Law Institute has a significant stature in the legal profession, analogous to the National Academy of Sciences. It strives to improve, simplify and promote certainty within broad categories of law — such as contracts, remedies, property, trusts, torts, unfair competition, remedies and criminal law. Its work is painstaking in detail, glacial in pace and technical in nature.

Committees produce and revise drafts of copious model codes and restatements of the law, circulating them for comment and debate. Only those that survive the gauntlet of reviews are put to a vote of its general membership.

For nearly 50 years, the institute proposed what it considered to be the best legal framework for imposing the death penalty, standards that became part of its Model Penal Code.

But the organization has re-examined its position in light of actual experience. It commissioned a comprehensive study that sought to impartially weigh criticisms of how the death penalty functions in practice.

In late October, the membership voted to withdraw the Model Penal Code provision. The decision was based on what the members view as “intractable institutional obstacles to ensuring a minimally adequate system for administering capital punishment.”

These doubts should be familiar to citizens of Missouri and Illinois who have witnessed fundamental failures from close range.

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan lost confidence in the system’s ability to prevent the executions of innocent people. He instituted a moratorium and then cleared out death row, pardoning four death row inmates and commuting the remaining death penalty sentences to life imprisonment.

Executions also are on hold in Missouri. Missouri uses a three-chemical “cocktail” that is supposed to anesthetize and paralyze the inmate before bringing about a massive heart attack, causing the condemned person’s death.

The state had been performing executions without fixed protocol. The chemicals had been administered by personnel with dubious medical credentials and who failed to keep accurate logs.

Now the courts are considering the constitutionality of Missouri’s efforts to remedy these problems.

The American Law Institute recruits the nation’s best, brightest and most accomplished lawyers, judges and scholars in the nation. Its members come from a wide ideological spectrum and take positions only by consensus.

They have not endorsed or opposed the abolition of capital punishment. But they have concluded that the framework that they proposed in 1962 “has not withstood the tests of time and experience.” They have decided that they no longer are willing to be complicit in how the death penalty is being administered.

An increasing number of Americans see the death penalty for what it is: a brutal, freakish system of punishment that is resistant to competent administration and that is dehumanizing to us all.

Now, even the sharpest lawyers are distancing themselves from the most severe punishment. They have concluded that it’s not worth trying to fix — or even to make an argument on its behalf. It cannot be fixed.


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