Alyssa Bustamante- The 15 year old Missouri girl who killed a 9 year old neighbor girl for the feeling will be tried as an adult according to recent reports- Crime Scene KC

To me- this seems like another way our criminal justice system is contradicting itself. In 2005, the Supreme Court abolished juvenile death sentences on the grounds of scientific findings that children under the age of 18 have undeveloped frontal lobes in their brain. This is the area that determines critical thinking and decision making.

So if we cannot give Alyssa the death penalty for this reason how can she be tried as an adult?

I know the case of Craig Price, a 15 year old boy who committed four murders and then bragged about them, resulted in some state laws that made it possible for juveniles to be charged as adults for serious crimes but isnt this a huge contradiction?

I have been considering writing to Alyssa. However, considering her age I'm unsure she will be allowed to receive it. Also, when a case is fresh like this lawyers almost never allow their clients to write to anyone for fear of what they say being used against them later.

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