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This opinion was sent in by Shannon on the Alyssa Bustamente case:

The case against Alyssa Bustamante is a very sad, as well as very controversial case. Many people think because she is only 15 she should not be tried as an adult. In some cases I would agree. In Alyssa’s case I strongly disagree; I don’t think the death penalty should be used even though I strongly believe that there are times it should be. I do howerver, believe she should be tried as an adult.

After reading articles from several news sources such as AOL, CBS, and ABC news I believe she knew what she was doing and fully intended to commit murder against the innocent 9 year old girl. If there was no intent then there would not have been two graves dug prior to the murder. AOL news stated that on a day off of school she dug these graves, and then went on about her normal activities while she planned the murder.

In several of these reports, Alyssa Bustamante put online under her hobbies that she enjoyed killing people and cutting. She was focused on finding out what it would be like to kill someone. Pictures were shown with her pretending violence with a friend. To me, this is all premeditation to the murder, maybe not to the 9 year old but to someone at some point.

I think she needs to be tried as an adult. At the age of 15 you know that murder is wrong even if your brain has yet to develop completely. Do we want someone out in the world that could do this again? If tried as a juvenile she would be released into the world at 21 years of age with nothing criminal on her record. Is that fair to the girl who lost her life? No, it is not. The only other alternative I could see is placement in a criminal mental health facility for an extended period.

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