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Friends must sometimes agree to disagree. Britain forbids capital punishment; the United States supports it. But above all, good friends must honour their word. An Anglo-American agreement requires Britain to notify the US if it takes legal action against an American citizen, and for the US to do the same if a Briton is to stand trial in America.

So the case of Linda Carty — who was born in St Kitts, which qualifies her as a British citizen — is especially galling. Carty now waits on death row in Texas. In a last attempt to avoid her becoming the first black British woman to be executed in more than a century, the British Government has now presented an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court urging it to reconsider the case.

The above is a British article. After reading it check out the comments from Brits on America and Americans- not to favorable.


  1. This is the same faulty argument the Canadian government used a decade ago when Alberta native Stan Faulder was executed for murdering an elderly woman in Texas. "DON'T EXECUTE HIM, HE WAS CAUGHT MURDERING WHILE CANADIAN." It was just used by certain Jewish groups towards the state of Florida in the Martin Grossman case. "SPARE MARTY. HE WAS CAUGHT BEING A COP KILLER WHILE JEWISH."

    Unfortunately it didn't hold any water for Faulder and Grossman & it doesn't in the Carty case. Let justice take its course.

  2. Yes, friends do agree to disagree. At the same time when a crime is committed the local laws apply not the laws of another goverment and country. It is great that the US and Britian and an agreement to let one another know if a crime is committed and prosecution is going to take place, but I think we have to follow the laws in that country.


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