Tennessee Supreme Court seems to be taking it's sweet time dciding what to do about Gaile Owens. Seems odd with so much to base a decision on. All they really need to do is look at every single previous case to a woman convicted of killing their husband and compare the details.

Gaile hired someone to kill her husband after extreme abuse and they have her on death row. Other women like the smiling, happy and free Mary Winkler who actually did the killing of her husband are free. What gives?

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  1. I agree. Each and every type of crime needs to be punished the same way. If you kill someone in first degree then you are punished as a first degree murderer. Same punishment across the board. Of course a punishment for manslaughter would be different then first degree murder, but manslaughter should be punished the same as well.

    This goes for every crime out there. If people knew they had no chance of getting away with it and new the punishment it might make them think before they commit a crime and possible change their minds.


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