Two new letters today, Tiffany Cole & Kelly Gissendaner - BUT before I get into those I want to rant.
I want to rant about people who are to stupid to look at this blog and see that I DO NOT BELIEVE in the death penalty.

Dear Regular Reader,

Is there anything else I can possibly put on here to make my position known on the death penalty?
If so, do tell.

In one of the letters I recieved today I was informed that she (the gal on death row) heard from a friend of hers who "had a bad dream and woke up to find a post on her at Woman Condemned".

BARF!! Gimme a freaking break.

She went on to say that whoever this lurker is had copied my words and sent them to her.
Again... geesh ...

In my many years of writing to these women, publishing their newsletter, arranging donations, attorneys and etc I have ran across this type of "mystery girl" before. Lurking around, reading, starting shit but not actually posting here or even writing to me with a thought or opinion.

Oh no...instead they write to the woman condemned and give her even more to worry about. I ask you again, regular reader, what here shows a predilection  toward the death penalty?

And to you lurking shit starter, hows about making yourself known instead of writing to these women who have mounds of worry as it is - just becuase your jealous, or afraid someone will steal your friend.

Think about someone besides yourself.

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