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It seems that out favorite little 15 year old murderess Alyssa Bustamante is costing the state of MO a pretty penny. They have asked for a budget increase to be able to afford her high profile murder trial early in 2011. Hmmmm....
Ok, let me ask you something. For my midterm project in Deviance and Violence I have to write 2000 words on any incident of schoolyard shooting in our history. I have chosen the Newark NJ shooting from 2007. In my research of this class I read : John Kip Cornwell, a Seton Hall Law School professor, said because there appears to be no physical evidence or eyewitness to show Godinez actively took part in the schoolyard shooting, “ his mere presence isn’t enough to establish his liability as an accomplice." Prosecutors “have to show he somehow facilitated the crime. He’s not guilty just because he didn’t affirmatively prevent someone else from shooting,: Cornwell said. “Those are major hurdles for the prosecution, because it bears a burden, a higher burden. They have their work cut out for them.” Please tell me Dear Readers, How many women have been convicted to death row for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Anybody, anybody? Ferris?
This seems to always happen. I moved way into the country. I usually do live in rural areas by choice but in June we found a really great house whose history reaches way back to the civil war. I was entralled to say the least. Anywho- it takes me forever to get situated after a move. Im finally getting all my girls letters rerouted to this address and I cant believe all the good news. Of course we have the wonderful news about Gaile Owens. Thankfully Govenor Bredesen has some common sence. Where was Mary Winkler when she could have really  made a difference? Then there is Angela Johnson- our nations only federal death row woman. She has been granted a new hearing- finally after 10 years on the row. This gal has children. She did and admitted to having information on her case but was also told that her family and children and herself would die horrible deaths if she told. When someone threatens your kids its kind of a no brainer, ya know? Tiffany Cole has gotten a new and highl