Her name is Teresa Lewis, she is the only woman on death row at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, and her appeals have all but expired. If she is executed, she will become another glaring example of the unfairness of our death penalty system.- John Grisham

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Teresa Now and Then
Death Penalty News: On death row, Teresa Lewis pleads for her life

Well, we decided that Gaile Owens in TN could receive clemency because she was not the actual murderer but a conspirator (among other reasons). We freed Mary Winkler all together and gave her the chance to live it up working at a dry cleaner in McMinnville, TN and she actually KILLED her hubs.

But here we all sit staring at each other once again. Twiddling our thumbs and playing grab ass while Teresa Lewis awaits her September 23 execution date.

She conspired to have a hit man kill her husband and step son for insurance money. The actual hit men received life sentences but Virginia is about to kill Teresa.
First woman in Virginia in 100 years.


Kay, seriously. Here’s the facts folks:

She is bordering on mentally retarded.
She is not the murderer.
The actual murderer was given life.
Her coconspirators have actually admitted to being the mastermind and manipulating her. (I believe his exact words were "I was looking for some ugly, dumbass married chick that I could talk into offing her ol' man so I could get the cash to get outta here.)

All that being said- Governor  Robert F. McDonnell (R) needs to get off his ass and commute this woman.


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