My daughters and I watched Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale last night.

My 11 year old wasnt real impressed. She bailed out about half way through and started reading the Vampire Diaries. Go figure.

The 9 year old however was amazed. She fell right into the Barbie-licious world of fashion and Flairies and friendship and fun. She was glued to the set. She made me pause it so she could pee.

She has claimed from the age of four that she was going to be a vet when she grows up. She loved Barbies poodle Sequin, and after watching one of the special features on the DVD- I Can Be a Fashion Designer-she promptly decided she would design pet fashions and have a corner of her vets office dedicated to pet fashions.

I was quite entralled myself, Im not ashamed to say. All things girlie and glittery appeal to me on some level and watching my daughter so tickled with the doll I grew up loving made me wonder.

What happened to the Barbie in all of us chicks? Even if you were the type to trap barbie in a Tonka truck and have her clearing the back 40 she still had a certain mystique. Barbie could do anything. She still can.

What if the women I call my friends on death row had been given a Barbie when they were little? Instead of a slap in the mouth and a 1000 words or more on how they were useless everyday. Do you think if I wrote the prisons and asked if every one of them could have a Barbie, they would let me send them?

My daughter loved the movie. It brought a sliver of hope and dreams and excitement into her eyes that I hope I can keep alive all her life.

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  1. I'll send you a Barbie or two if they let you do it! I agree. If everyone grew up with a Barbie or a baby doll to take care of, it would be a different world.


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