Lend Your Voice to the Silenced

Inmates are veritable mutes. They can talk but it is like the dead speaking. Only those who know how to listen can hear them.
It doesn't matter who you were before, or how much money you had, or whose parties you went to or if you won a Nobel prize- you are now a member of the sole society to start everyone at the very bottom rung of the societal ladder.
Incarceration erases your past present and future. You are simply a nonentity to the world.
If you were innocent or at the wrong place at the wrong time or between a rock and a hard place, your still shit outtaluck. No one hears you.
Curiously, so many of these inmates still have thoughts and ideas that are relevant, helpful, useful even. Yet still we continue to push them behind a steel door and disregard their existence.
Get involved with some of the cases you read about here. The more you look, the more humanity you will see. These women are not just a thirty minute episode of Snapped.

They are still alive, still thinking, growing, becoming.
There are still inspiring stories, creative ideas and life lessons to be learned.
Lend your voice to the silenced.

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