Letter from Tiffany Cole today. She was much excited about a recent visit from her mom, little brother and her grandparents who she hadnt seen in some years. She was also able to visit with her mom an extra day, which is a rare occurance.

The most interesting part of the letter was her mention of a new woman coming to the row in Florida. Im assuming she is talking about Ana Cordona who has been on Floridas death row before.

Tiffany laments on how being the only one on FL death row as a woman has affected her:

Its kind of bittersweet. I dont wish this on anyone but at least I wont be "the only one" anymore. My name seems to pop up everywhere because Im the "only one". Like when that woman in Virginia was executed my name was brought up. Im sure if there were to 2 or 3 more here with me i wouldnt be so singled out.

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