Judge Seals Decision In Jacob Shaffer Case: Judge Robert Crigler Of Lincoln County Picks Location For Jury Pool, But Seals The Decision – WHNT
I have been following this case with rabid attention. Jacob Shaffer committed this crime about an hour and a half away from where I live.  I have been to every single one of his court appearances and pay close attention to news reports.
From what I gather Jacob went to his wife’s Fayetteville, Tennessee home and killed her. He then killed her brother, her 16 year old son and a neighbor boy. Jacob also traveled across the street and killed her father. There is also evidence that before this killing spree he killed a man in Alabama in his place of business.
There are some interesting elements of criminal justice coming out here.  It is a capital murder case so the death penalty could very well be on the table. Most certainly will be.  The judge has decided that the pool of jurors will be outside Lincoln County but has refused to say from where. There are also tales of certain evidence being locked.
I have also heard quotes from the sheriff that this is the strangest case he has ever seen. Rumors running around at the local papers I write for all lean toward necrophilia, cannibalism and just general abuse of a corpse.
I work with inmates. Its what I do. I have been around inmates and ex-cons my whole life. Jacob Shaffer scanned the courtroom once and I thought I caught his eye. I smiled a weak smile but he was looking away before I could even tell if he’d looked at me at all.
To me, he looks empty. There is no animation in his face at any time.  He is stoic and solid. His eyes are flat and black. In my amateur opinion I believe something emotional shut him down at some point and he lost it. He isn’t in there anymore, that’s for sure.

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