Damn Amazon, damn Video on Demand.
I have discovered Deadly Women on Amazons Video on Demand and at only $1.99 an episode I'm am wearing it out. I watched this one today and it was just fascinating. It shows several young girls who have become murderesses and the hellish circumstances they went through in their own life.


Last week was an interesting week for blog posts. I have ran across quite a few with great thoughts and important points on capital punishment. I have also ran across quite a few with some just plain old stupidity.

Albeit, blogs are just peoples opinions and not always fact, which are remarkably like a certain body part, as my dad used to say. So, with that information at the forefront of our minds I will give my little slice perspective on one of the blog posts I've come across this week on death penalty issues.

The Harvest-
This is written by an Irish fella. Keeping that in mind I'd venture to say that he doesn't know as much about capital punishment as those of us in the states who are up on the news and issues. Then again, I've met people from Netherlands and Norway who are more knowledgeable of U.S. policies than some Americans. He has a blog post that poses the question- Does Justice System Discriminate Against Men?
Gimme a break. Just gimme a freaking break. He begins with a discussion of discrimination among police by stopping young men far more often than women or old men. This is a fact. However, this is a fact because of statistical information that shows young men commit most crimes. So there you have it.
Also, in this country you cannot stop a person of any sex without a reason. So there you have it again.
He does point this out himself so I really fail to see the reason for the post in the first place.
He makes a interesting point about first time female offenders being less likely to receive prison time for a drug offence than men. That is a valid point and could show some injustices toward men in the justice system.


A Call for Decency

In my little home town of Coffee County Tennessee we have had several murders. I have lived here since 1981 and can remember at least 4 murders very clearly. In 1985 Greg Thompson and his young female accomplice accosted and killed Brenda Lane and ran her over with her own car before stealing it.  Below is a link to a charitable foundation asking for a stay of execution on several grounds.

A Call for Decency

Some are just bullshit. There are claims that he had ineffective counsel, that the jury was all white and that “racism and bad lawyering taint his death sentence.”

The real and legitimate reason for commutation is that this man is totally insane and has been slipping down the insanity slope way before he committed this murder. He was convinced that the KKK was after him and that white people wanted him to die when he stopped Brenda and killed her for her car.

It is absolutely unAmerican to kill crazy people.


An old High school acquaintance,John, who I chat with occasionally on Facebook mentioned to me today that he had been hearing a lot about the Innocence Project and their great work of late in exonerating innocent people.

John is a military fellow floating around on a ship somewhere most of the time and even he has heard of the many people set free because of archived DNA evidence.

It seems we are all hearing this more and more often. Then lets think about the women I talk with. Tiffany Cole, Angela Johnson, Shonda Johnson and Cynthia Coffman are all facing death because of crimes they were not even present for.

The death penalty is not only "iffy" but also erred. This blog post tells us that support for the death penalty is waning in such recent light.


Aileen Wournous Speaks From the Grave

Her book- letters to her friend Dawn called "Dear Dawn" is released this year. SOOOO excited. I cant wait!


The dark side of society can be as fascinating as it is scary. The psychology of murder can captivate scholars and the average joe alike with its violent twists and turns. For many people the complexities of murder and violent crime become more than just a job or a hobby and become a personal passion. There are several tours of famous murder sites across the country for those who are interested in criminal history and murderabilia.

The manson murders will forever be known across the world as one of the most horrific murder sprees in history. Charles manson and his hippy family communed together on an old movie ranch and conspired to wreak havoc with murder and mayhem throughout the valleys of Southern California. They commited two sets of murders in two seperate houses in California that still stand today. There are several tours of these sites as well as those including the ranch where the Manson family lived and sites of other crimes.

The Villisca ax murders took place in 1912 in a residential farm house in villisca, Iowa. Josiah B. Moore, his wife, his four children and two neighbor children were axed to death as they lay in bed. The mystery of who murdered this family and the two small girls was never solved. The ax murder house, cemetary where the victims are buried and a museum are all available to tour and peruse. Many stories surround the deaths in the home. The owners, visitors and guests have tales of ghostly apparitions, strange sounds and unexeplained pheominon in the house. Psychics have claimed to feel spirit auras in the house and have recorded incidents on tape. Overnight bookings are also available.

These types of tours give a special insight to the crimes that would otherwise be impossible. Spending time inside the same space where once a grisley murder occurred makes it impossible to look at the crimes like a story in a book but realize the true depths of human loss for those involved.

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