A Call for Decency

In my little home town of Coffee County Tennessee we have had several murders. I have lived here since 1981 and can remember at least 4 murders very clearly. In 1985 Greg Thompson and his young female accomplice accosted and killed Brenda Lane and ran her over with her own car before stealing it.  Below is a link to a charitable foundation asking for a stay of execution on several grounds.

A Call for Decency

Some are just bullshit. There are claims that he had ineffective counsel, that the jury was all white and that “racism and bad lawyering taint his death sentence.”

The real and legitimate reason for commutation is that this man is totally insane and has been slipping down the insanity slope way before he committed this murder. He was convinced that the KKK was after him and that white people wanted him to die when he stopped Brenda and killed her for her car.

It is absolutely unAmerican to kill crazy people.

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