Last week was an interesting week for blog posts. I have ran across quite a few with great thoughts and important points on capital punishment. I have also ran across quite a few with some just plain old stupidity.

Albeit, blogs are just peoples opinions and not always fact, which are remarkably like a certain body part, as my dad used to say. So, with that information at the forefront of our minds I will give my little slice perspective on one of the blog posts I've come across this week on death penalty issues.

The Harvest-
This is written by an Irish fella. Keeping that in mind I'd venture to say that he doesn't know as much about capital punishment as those of us in the states who are up on the news and issues. Then again, I've met people from Netherlands and Norway who are more knowledgeable of U.S. policies than some Americans. He has a blog post that poses the question- Does Justice System Discriminate Against Men?
Gimme a break. Just gimme a freaking break. He begins with a discussion of discrimination among police by stopping young men far more often than women or old men. This is a fact. However, this is a fact because of statistical information that shows young men commit most crimes. So there you have it.
Also, in this country you cannot stop a person of any sex without a reason. So there you have it again.
He does point this out himself so I really fail to see the reason for the post in the first place.
He makes a interesting point about first time female offenders being less likely to receive prison time for a drug offence than men. That is a valid point and could show some injustices toward men in the justice system.

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