Ive been feeling rather unappreciated as of late.

I had been writing to Josh Wade. His letters are very well written and interesting. He is well read and literate with a wide range of conversational topics. He's remorseful and melancholy. He has a lot to say. Some one who saw one of my YouTube videos made some negative remarks about them to Josh and we've been on the outs ever since. Thanks dickhead.

Another instance similar to that is the recent appearance of a Tiffany Cole stalker. These stalker/hater types show up every now and again. They do not like my methods and like to tell me how wrong I am all the while never getting off their own ass for moment of a rally or protest or campaign against the death penalty.

This one also showed up on Youtube and asked me why I showed the envelopes to the letters I receive. I always thought that was pretty obvious but I answered anyway. They were signed in as SAVETIFFANYCOLE and a few days later all the comments were removed. Go figure. I guess she wasn't as die hard activist as she thought.

And the icing on my disappointment cake this week is that Jacob Shaffer has returned my letter. I have followed this case from the get go. I feel there is something amiss with Jacob. I hope to see some mental evaluations in this case. He killed his wife and her father and son and brother as well as a 16 year old neighbor and another fellow some 45 miles away. It happened only about an hour from my house. I know the area well.

And so, to recap:
Josh Wade dumped me
Tiffany Cole's stalker amore is targeting me
Jacob Shaffer wont even consider talking to me

Maybe I should be in another line of work.

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