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Dorothea Puente obituary: Dorothea Puente, boarding house operator who killed tenants, dies at 82 -

  Dorothea Puente obituary: Dorothea Puente, boarding house operator who killed tenants, dies at 82 - So long Dorthea. She had been in prison since the late ‘80’s. I’m pretty sure she was just as ready to die as her victims families were to see her go. Dorthea took on boarders for their social security checks. Waited a decent time frame, poisoned them and buried them in the backyard and continued to get their checks each month.
There are no women scheduled to be executed this year. However, there is much going on concerning the demise of the death penalty and its fight for survival. Illinois has finally abolished the death penalty. More states will follow for various reasons but the biggest of all seems to be that the drug used to murder the inmates is quite a problem to find. The 3 drug cocktail normally used to kill inmates has been a difficult recipe to gather the ingredients for lately. Sodium thiopental - an anesthetic, pavulon or pancuronium bromide - paralyzes the muscle system and stops breathing and potassium chloride stops the heart- the concoction used to execute inmates. The one and only manufacturer of this drug has ceased to make it because of the fierce objection to capital punishment around the globe. BUT... as in the way of Americans- Ohio has buckled down and decided to make do. They have adopted the drugs and procedures for euthenizing animals. A little shot of phenobarbital and y
Ever watch Most Evil or Wicked Attraction? All these shows always put Judy Neelley as the most evil, wicked women in the world. What I dont understand is how these people, (like the guy that wrote the book about her "Early Graves" never even spoke to her much less actually met her) can make these asumptions with only half the story. In this day and age, when we come closer to ever than understanding the human experience, how can we still blame Judy for everything knowing that she was brutally tortured by her husband? How is this possible?
In John Warners book Fondling Your Muse he gives a quiz to tell if your a real writer. One of the questions is "Do you find a way to tell everyone that your a writer no matter what the context? For example, when your dry cleaner asks if you want starch do you say "Im a writer, you know?" or when you take your car in for a tune up do you say something like "As a mechanic you fix cars; as a writer, I fix the human soul." I think thats pretty hilarious. Quite accurate, but hilarious. Why do you think this is? Are writers vain? I think to an extent every writer thinks highly of themselves. Is that vain? Is there one type of writer more vain than another?