There are no women scheduled to be executed this year. However, there is much going on concerning the demise of the death penalty and its fight for survival.

Illinois has finally abolished the death penalty. More states will follow for various reasons but the biggest of all seems to be that the drug used to murder the inmates is quite a problem to find.

The 3 drug cocktail normally used to kill inmates has been a difficult recipe to gather the ingredients for lately. Sodium thiopental - an anesthetic, pavulon or pancuronium bromide - paralyzes the muscle system and stops breathing and potassium chloride stops the heart- the concoction used to execute inmates.

The one and only manufacturer of this drug has ceased to make it because of the fierce objection to capital punishment around the globe.

BUT... as in the way of Americans- Ohio has buckled down and decided to make do. They have adopted the drugs and procedures for euthenizing animals. A little shot of phenobarbital and you dont have to worry about who is making what drug and what the rest of the civilized world thinks of you.

So, just to recap,human beings are put to death in the same fashion and circumstance as the family pet that got a little long in the tooth.


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  1. Thank God we still have the electric chair in some states and some states still hang people. Utah has a firing squad. One thing people don't seem to understand about the death penalty is that people choose to get death. If I commited a murder or any other crime that I knew would more than likely put me on death row and that is the sentence I recieved, I would have nobody to blame but myself. I also firmly believe that people who are opposed to the death penalty would change their tune if the person killed their family members.


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