Good News for Chelsea Richardson


Lawyer Claims Misconduct, Wants Woman Off Texas Death Row « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

This has been a long time coming but Chelsea Richardson’s lawyer has finally brought to light the 9 points of error during her trial, including that the prosecutor withheld vital information that showed Stephanie Toledano was the mastermind and actual murderer in the case.

This will probably only result in a life sentence for Chelsea but she certainly deserves a chance at parole considering her age at the time of the crime and the fact that she was coerced into the actions that caused the deaths of her boyfriends parents.

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  1. its funny how criminals always try to find some sort of loop hole in the system to get out of thier rightfully deserved punishment, I honestly feel that all three of these sick ass people should be on death row, and they should speed up the process on carrying it out, this 15 years of us tax payers paying for them to sit on death row so they can try and doop the system is rediculous, those people are a waste of space and are of no use to society, I hope she gets what she deserves. and good luck to her counterparts in prison lol.. thier rich spoiled asses wont last 5 mins... especially in GP


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