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Mom killed baby in a drunken rage, then strapped him in a BabyBjorn and went shopping

  Mom killed baby in a drunken rage, then strapped him in a BabyBjorn and went shopping: prosecutors - New York Daily News I do believe the state will give this woman the death penalty based on the fact that she admitted to the police that she had killed the baby as well as demonstrated on video how she strangled and beat him to death. It is most definitely a possibility she will end up on death row but I foresee some claims of diminished mental capacity here.
On March 11, 2005, Alabama's Equal Justice Initiative won a reversal and new trial for death row prisoner Shonda Johnson, who had been convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. So? I have corresponded with Shonda and her family for near eight years. Since her case was overturned and a new trial ordered or her release, the system has kept her in a county jail with her case mired in concrete. When law enforcement refuses to obey their own law, do you have any trouble grasping the underlying lawlessness currently running amok in our nation? To put a human side on this story I want you to know that I have a photo of Kristopher taken while he was a young teen, in my office file on Shonda. Have you ever thought about the families of women in prison, often there due to husband/boyfriend betrayal? Kristopher had some rough spots but God is touching his life and providing some 'handfuls on purpose' besides as the following email I received from Shonda's sis