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Wednesday night Lineup

Wednesday Night Line-Up Guest post from: Bruno Smith I look forward to Wednesday every week. There are a lot of reasons, really. One, Wednesday is “hump day,” so once that’s over it’s pretty much easy street to Friday. Two, Wednesday night is designated “take out night” in my household. There’s no meal planning, no grocery shopping, and no cooking. Since I’ve implemented an unofficial rule that we eat our take-out from whatever container it arrives in, there is also no cleaning up. It’s the best night of the week. My husband and I also sit down together on Wednesday evenings and watch our favorite line-up of shows. The Wednesday line-up on ABC is the best two hours on television. It might even be the best two hours on television ever. The Middle centers around a working-class family in the heart of the Midwest, and Modern Family is about a blended family on the West Coast. Both are absolutely hysterical. The two newer shoes, Suburgatory and Happy Endings are both witty and sharp and

Wives Outside the Walls

So many women contact me each month asking about support groups they can join. There are tons online, I know of several on Cafemom and I imagine that any moms social community would have at least a small group of moms with a jailed loved one. But WIVES- wives are another story. Women are often thought of a stupid, irrational and dependent if they are married to or have a relationship with a man who is in jail or prison. This is pretty surprising since more than 500,000 marriages in America have endured one spouse or the other serving a jail sentence. Sadly, wives get little or no rights to their husbands who are incarcerated other than basic communicative and visitation rights and occasionally conjugal visits but that all depends on the state. And that’s about it. Marrying an inmate was illegal until 1989. Since then slews of inmates search for women who are willing to marry someone who has a long term to serve or may never get out. Getting married doesn't give them any privil
The Ashley Smith story is a moving one but also sad and confusing. This young girl, 19, was in a juvenile correction facility in Canada for 3 years, in solitary confinement, until she killed herself while the guards looked on. Her parents and family members tell stories of Ashley as a child; happy, playful, charming. After puberty she changed, however. Some sort of mental illness came into play and her personality changed. She began to fight authority and display severe behaviour disorders. Her legal problems began with assault and disorderly conduct and escalated until she was in a federal prison for women at age 19. She was a difficult inmate, causing constant problems and refusing to cooperate. She often tried to strangle herself in an attempt to draw attention from the guards and caused hundreds of filed reports. Many people believe that her 2007 death was in fact an accident. That she was desperate for some type of stimulation after three years alone in solitary with a ment

Gaile Owens Lives

I often think of Gaile these days. I wonder how she is adjusting. I wonder what kind of things go through her head. I wonder how life seems to someone who was just released after 26 years in prison. Gaile’s case is sad and a testament to how the span of societies changes can effect the death penalty and hardly ever for the good. He case also shows how a decision to do something decent and right can backfire in the American judicial system. Gaile was abused for years by her husband. She finally sought out a hit man to murder her husband and was eventually caught up in the trial. she refused to allow evidence of the abuse in her marriage to be used in her defense so her children would never have a sullied image of their father. Years later cases like Mary Winkler come to light and are treated far differently than Gaile and her case. Governor Phil Bredesen noticed considerable discrepancies and noted that other comparable cases resulted in far less judgments. Mary Winkle killed her hus
Annette Morales-Rodriguez, 33 removed a baby from a pregnant woman's stomach a few weeks ago in Milwaukee.Maritza Ramirez-Cruz was lured into Rodriguez's car, taken to her home and beaten to death with a baseball bat in her basement where her baby was cut from her belly with an Exacto knife. Rodriguez had told her friends and family that she was pregnant. She desperately wanted to give her boyfriend a baby but could not conceive. After removing the baby she called 911 saying she had given birth at home but the baby wasn't breathing. The baby died. They performed an autopsy and realized the baby was mostly likely not born under normal circumstances. They dispatched officers to the home.    There they found the victims body in the basement. The defendant said she watched cesarean section births on Discovery channel and then scoured her surrounding neighborhoods for pregnant women whose babies she could pass off as her own.
Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, twin sisters, killed their mother at the ripe old age of 15 in January of 2010. Their story is that they came home from school and found her bludgeoned and stabbed to death.  Their moms friends and some family members immediately suspected the girls and they were arrested and charged with the murder a months later.  Apparently they had lived with their 80 year old grandmother for a while who was unable to handle two teen girls. They ran wild for more than a year when their grandmother finally called the police and reported them for stealing $200 from her. Once they were returned to their mothers home and were held responsible for their actions trouble began. I will be very interested to see how this plays out. Twin Daughters Charged in Conyers Mother's Murder:
Idiots truly and really get on my nerves. Idiots like the aunt of Tiffany Cole who has been harassing me. That is, if indeed she is even her Aunt. I have been writing to Tiffany for a year or two. She is well aware that I put her updates on the blog. She has commented on some of the things I have said about her. Several months ago this nutjob so called Aunt of hers finds the Woman Condemned Facebook page and begins to constantly question the content posted there. She doesn't like the post on recent David Berkowitz news. She doesn't like the humor in some of the posts, she doesn't like that men in general are mention in any case. etc. So finally she takes offence that I wrote a post about a WHOLE other woman on Florida death row and that Tiffany had mentioned to me that she felt some concern for the girl. WTF? What in hell is there to take offence about that? I had to read and reread her comment about that post and realized the reason she is making no sense is because
Brenda Andrew 's attorney during her trial for the murder of her husband, George Joseph Miskovsky III, was charged with having sex with a young girl. This wasn't especially hidden information. It was reported on here -> The surprising part is that there hasn't been much said about it in her appeals. The actual charge was raping and sodomizing a 15-year-old girl in a Best Western Inn & Suites location in OK. He went to jail in 2008 but was release in 2009 serving only one year for a conviction of child prostitution. What I found really weird was the fact that he had forcible sex with this girl not once but twice; in the hotel and in his upscale home in Oklahoma and got only one year and yet the prostitute, Lorie Michelle Toney , who brought the girl to him, is serving a 10 year sentence. Ummmm.... HUH?! James Pavat t, Brenda Andrew's co-conspirator in the murder of her husband is also on death ro