Annette Morales-Rodriguez, 33 removed a baby from a pregnant woman's stomach a few weeks ago in Milwaukee.Maritza Ramirez-Cruz was lured into Rodriguez's car, taken to her home and beaten to death with a baseball bat in her basement where her baby was cut from her belly with an Exacto knife.
Rodriguez had told her friends and family that she was pregnant. She desperately wanted to give her boyfriend a baby but could not conceive.

After removing the baby she called 911 saying she had given birth at home but the baby wasn't breathing. The baby died. They performed an autopsy and realized the baby was mostly likely not born under normal circumstances. They dispatched officers to the home.

  There they found the victims body in the basement.
The defendant said she watched cesarean section births on Discovery channel and then scoured her surrounding neighborhoods for pregnant women whose babies she could pass off as her own.

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