Idiots truly and really get on my nerves.
Idiots like the aunt of Tiffany Cole who has been harassing me. That is, if indeed she is even her Aunt.
I have been writing to Tiffany for a year or two. She is well aware that I put her updates on the blog.
She has commented on some of the things I have said about her.

Several months ago this nutjob so called Aunt of hers finds the Woman Condemned Facebook page and begins to constantly question the content posted there. She doesn't like the post on recent David Berkowitz news. She doesn't like the humor in some of the posts, she doesn't like that men in general are mention in any case. etc.

So finally she takes offence that I wrote a post about a WHOLE other woman on Florida death row and that Tiffany had mentioned to me that she felt some concern for the girl. WTF? What in hell is there to take offence about that? I had to read and reread her comment about that post and realized the reason she is making no sense is because she misread the post or maybe she just misunderstood what I said but at any rate she send me this rambling weird message on Facebook about how Tiffany never made the comments and yet- low and behold- I have the letter where she does in fact make those comments. 

Oh how I wish I could remember that crazy woman's name. I would so embarrass her. But- yet again, I would not want the world to know Tiffany has such nutjob relations. It could hurt her appeals.

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