Upcoming Texas Female Executions

2012 may be the final year for many of Texas's death row women. The cases of several of them are near the final review. Suzanne Margaret Basso, Linda Carty and Cathy Lynn Henderson may all draw their last breath next year.
 Suzanne Basso is convicted of murdering an elderly, handicapped man. She met him at a church carnival and eventually got him moved in with her. She spent his social security checks and apparently abused him. Evidence shows a severe, extended beating and baths in Pine-Sol and bleach.
She is described as an odd woman with a wild imagination. I have never written to her. She has been on death row since 1995. The Texas Supreme Court ruled not to review her appeals any further in 2010 and the D.A. announced intentions of seeking an execution date.
Linda Carty's case is one of international reach. She is a British citizen convicted of killing a woman by tying a plastic bag around her head and putting her in a car trunk.
The British government filed an amicus curiae brief as a friend of the Court however, on May 3, 2010 the Court refused to hear the appeal. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has the option to recommend clemency to the Governor of Texas. However, such recommendations are rare. She has been on death row since 2002.
Cathy Henderson has had near brushes with the executioner already. She is known as the babysitter killer for her murder of a three month old boy she was babysitting.
In 2007 her execution was delayed to allow time for appeals. Because of her diminished mental capacities her case is a questionable one. She has been on death row since 1995.
Cathy Henderson
Linda carty
Suzanne Basso

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