This episode of Wicked Attraction played today on I.D. I was impressed with how much actual footage of her they showed. They also showed many pictures that I hadn't seen before and that's always cool.
     I do write to Kelly but its been a while. She is hard to write to because she has a really short memory or at least a short attention span. She forgets what we've talked about from letter to letter. I sent her some stamp money a few months ago and she sent me a note back asking who I was. You'd think that us having the same first name would keep me fairly available in her memory banks. Not so much.
     Theres also the book by Lyn Riddle- First We'll Kill My Husband. Kelly and I spoke about this and she warned me not to read it if i was interested in unbiased truth. Most women with books written about them hate the books, with the exception of Cynthia Coffman who once told me she liked the physical description of herself in the book written about her and James Marlow- Property of the Folsom Wolf. (You can get both of these for .01 cents used from Amazon.)

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  1. I am also a crime Buff, and oddly enough, I have Kelly Brookshire Gissandaner to thank for that. That is not complimenting her on any level. See, I personally know Kelly, prior to her murdering Doug, and obviously after. What I know about Kelly's case is first hand knowledge, not read from the web or a published book, or from letters of an 'innocent' bystander lying through her teeth. I became a true crime watcher with just unbridled disbelief on the stupidity of the human race. Kelly included. I check Kellys living status at least twice a year, in disbelief she is still sucking air. I'm horrified and sickened at her self proclaimed " innocence" and using blogs and public forums as her soap box. I laughed my ass off when you stated she was outraged and furious upon reading the book written about her crime, that she said she threw the book around her cell, tore it up with her hands and feet. Knowing her crime first hand, this was not 'creative writing' or embellished on any level. It was dead on, and hit dogs holler.


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