Oregon Governor Kitzhaber announced in November that he's halting all executions. That means that Angela McAnulty will not be executed any time soon. The moratorium makes little difference in Angela's case anyway as she is fresh to the row and still has years of appeals yet ahead of her.

Jeanette Maples, Angela McAnulty Sentenced To Death For The Slaughter Of Her Daughter. « unforgottenangels:

The above link is to a very comprehensive article on the case of Angela McAnulty, Oregon death row inmate. Angela abused her daughter Jeanette until it resulted in her death, according to the state of Oregon's evidence. She is the only female on death row in the state.

The case is hard to read about. paramedics found 15 year old Jeannette wet, naked from the waist up and dead in the living room floor. Her teeth had been busted out to the gums, her face and arms bruised and cut, her thighs beaten and chunks of flesh were missing, exposed bone gleaming through her wounds.

Investigators later found a torture room spattered throughout with blood and gore as well as implements of torture and leather belts stiff with blood. Jeanette was the only child of her mothers tortured and abused although some were removed from her custody years earlier.

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