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Bernina Mata- The Rabid Lesbian


     The case of Bernina Mata and the media frenzy that surrounded aspects of it reminds me somewhat of Aileen Wornous. She was a lesbian who killed a man she met in a bar one night. Her defense was that it was self defense, that he attacked her and she stabbed him to keep from being killed and raped. 

     The prosecutions case was- get this- that she was a hard-core-man-hating lesbian who killed him because was a man.
No, I'm not kidding.

     She was a lesbian and a prostitute. These two fact both had led to her fear of rape and violence because that it what she had learned so far in life. she expected it. Once she found out how easy it was to kill her johns as opposed to getting the shit kicked out of her; she took that route.

     Unfortunately this has been a surprising tactic among prosecution in recent years. It has become commonplace for a defendants sexual proclivity to be brought up in court. Again, no I am not kidding.

     My question is this; what does a persons sexual preference have to do with their penchant for murder? Should it ever be allowed into court? I think not. If the person is guilty of their crimes such as Bernina and Aileen then it should be 100% possible to bring them swiftly to justice without making a mockery of lesbianism or any other lifestyle choice.

     Bernina was spared a death sentence in 2003 by Outgoing Gov. George Ryan. Her case, however, has long since been studied for its alleged abuse of her sexual orientation during trial.


  1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I don't know if your calling me a self righteous twit or if you mean the person who wrote the article about Bernina, who I don't happen to know.
    One really great way to not feel offended by things I post here is to not look. It works great, try it. If you find me self righteous don't read my blog. If your concerned about people taking Bernina's side doesn't it make more sense to harass the person who actually wrote that article?
    Just a little friendly advice. You might be more effective that way.
    Another little FYI, you'd be surprised by the amount of people in America do care about what the defense says.

  2. I am in fact talking bout the person who wrote the article, and not looking isnt an option especially when ur posting the story that is about the murderer of my actual father.And yes if you support this it is rediculous that you could be that dense to think they won the case solely on the fact she was a lesbian and to repost it in support.And fyi people in america who are offended by them using her "lesbianism" should be mad at her not the defense because shes the one who was recorded in a conversation saying "I killed that motherfucker Im a hardcore lesbian".like who even says that?.Lesbians should be mad at her for that one.Sorry if i made you mad about writing my opinion but it of course is something that bothers me.

    1. No. You didn't make me mad at all. I certainly expect the victim's family to voice an opinion.

  3. I love Bernina. Who actually goes by the name Scappy in prison. I met her there way back when and her and I were lovers. Its crazy how the news portrays you to be. Scappy wouldn't hurt a fly. I've known her, lived with her for so long. I know alot of people like to think their husbands don't rape prostitutes, just like people believe the church ministers are wonderful. Scappy is not this cold blooded psycho path everyone makes her out to be. If u don't want to possibly get killer don't harass women at a bar.

    1. Thanks very much for reading and giving this extra information. H9w do you feel about the roommate revealing that it was premeditated?


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