Linda Carty Video

Linda Carty's story of life on the row premiered last night on the ID channel. Linda's case is an interesting global controversy. She is accused of planning the murder of her neighbor for the unborn baby she was carrying and she has been sentenced to death. Her native Great Britain has tried on multiple occasions to persuade Texas to allow her to be extradited to her home country.
This documentary by Werner Herzog shows her and her family and how they deal with whats happened and their side of the crimes. He also shows Linda's co-conspirators and their side of the story. They still claim that Linda was the mastermind of the murder.


  1. for Brenda, let have a firing squard with 12 members of Oklahoma police. Have her stand at attention as they aim their rifles at her and blow her away. If not dead, than a coup etat is order. this would make headlines.

  2. I don't believe anything she says.


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